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Yoga Pose


Renew your faith, re-center your spirit or reflect upon centuries of religious history. 


Let us design an uplifting, spiritually changing itinerary that will help you explore the roots of your faith, walk in the footsteps of spiritual leaders, and stand in the very places where events from Scripture actually occurred. You can walk the streets of Galilee, walk through Mecca or enjoy a sabbatical trekking The Himalayas. 

Bucketlist trips to Egypt, Israel and Jordan

Cruise Alaska and Hawaii

Snorkel in Galapagos and Tahiti

Guided African Safaris and Expeditions to Antarctica 

European Vacations

Excursion Planner, Travel Consultant, Vacation Planner, Destination Party/Event Planner

"Every place that you visit should become an experience that changes you on every level".    

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